OpenCall Case Studies/Testimonials

Love Tribe: Case Study

During her recent visit to Los Angeles NYC based model - Madeleine Michael, successfully put together 2 full teamed photo-shoots by posting for multiple types of creatives on one Call (Hair, Makeup, Photographer, Stylist).

“As a working model in New York City, I am constantly looking for collaborative photo-shoots to fill up my book and my spare time. The OpenCall app has opened doors to working opportunities both behind and in front of the lens. In a few easy steps, I was able to set up a profile where I could market myself for work, connect with local creatives, and submit for castings, all with a click of a button.


On my recent trip to LA, I used OpenCall to broadcast my travel plans and availability. Within about 2 hours of the call being live, I had over 20 requests for potential shoots. From there, I was able to set up multiple projects with a team of photographers, stylists, makeup artists, brand directors, publications, and even behind the scenes. Everything came together quickly and communication was easy and immediate. In a matter of hours, a groups of artists came together for one amazing shoot, that was fun, professional, and an overall huge success.

I would recommend OpenCall to anyone in the modeling, photography, fashion, or creative industry. It is not only great for traveling but also for networking, meeting new people, and making local connections in your field.”


- Madeleine Michael


Love Tribe - Brand

“As a new business owner working alongside a wide range of creatives, OpenCall has vastly helped me connect with other professionals in the fashion, modeling, and photography industry. OpenCall has allowed everyone involved in my projects to clearly communicate their objectives and expectations for the job. The app has created a community where anything is possible in the creation field. I have used OpenCall to execute three different photo shoots, all of which exceeded my expectations. It’s refreshing to be able to use the platform to work with others without the hassle of dealing with agents or other middle men. The connections I’ve made through OpenCall have become some of my go-to creatives and I look forward to watching the community develop into a game changer in the industry.”

Elena Kulikova - Photographer

“OpenCall has helped me connect with inspiring creatives for beautiful collaborations. Being new to LA I'm happy to have heard about OpenCall from another talented artist because it's given me a boost to connect with local talent as well as others across the states. I love the design of the app and the sleek interface, it's really easy to use. I've been able to connect with fellow photographers, models, stylists, makeup artists, magazines, and clients through this new platform. I'm looking forward to growing in this community!”


Jen Luney - Hair/Mua

"Having recently moved to LA from Vancouver and after scouring other networking websites for leads without much luck, I’m so happy to have come across OpenCall.  Not only does it make networking through the app so easy, the security and screening that comes along with each profile gives me confidence that I’m working with fellow professionals.  Can’t wait for the network to continue to grow!"


Solé Bicycles: Case Study

Venice beach’s “good vibes” bicycle shop, Sole Bicycles, quickly found talent to replace a last minute cancellation for their new collection’s campaign.


"OpenCall made finding talent and production crew, a breeze.  We had a last minute shoot, and with OpenCall we were able to assemble a team in less than an hour.  The options were pretty much endless, and communication was super easy on the platform.   We will definitely use for creative projects in the future, way easier than hunting down people through referrals!"


Ben Petraglia

Head of Marketing

Solé Bicycle Co.


NAKID Magazine: Case Study

Our Partner, NAKID Magazine has been using OpenCall exclusively to find artists to feature in their magazine. They have also put together teams for cover shoots and to source photographers for a travel feature. They recognize the value that comes with having a curated community they could source all kinds of creatives and talents through.


Case Study

Steve Aoki's record label used the OpenCall app to source girls to feature in a DIM MAK music video.

Electric Styles: Case Study

"After lots of trial and error searching for talent online, we finally came across OpenCall. We were able to easily connect our brand's Instagram profile to make a portfolio, which allowed us to create a casting call in minutes. We were overwhelmed by the response of high quality applicants, and were able to book everyone just by messaging through the app. OpenCall has made the hectic task of organizing our photo and video-shoots into a  straightforward process, with great results!"


Alexia Downs

Creative Marketing

Electric Styles


The OpenCall Community

Video projects brought together through OpenCall

A narrative short film shot at Burning Man 2015 which follows the journey of a first time burner on an unexpected adventure for hearing aid batteries. Having recently been stripped of his hearing, our hero's quest in a foreign place with an unlikely friend is a simple one. How difficult could it be to find what you are searching for in the desert?


Produced by Staving Heartist Films & Sights and Sounds Media House


CASTING BY OPENCALL, a mobile app that connects artist with other artists

The Solé Bicycle team had such a positive experience working with the OpenCall app that they decided to feature the platform on the official email newsletter announcing the "Midtown Collection".


This was as authentic ad embedded into a launch campaign that OpenCall didn't have to pay for because the brand knows it will benefit from having a bigger community on OpenCall to tap into.